Artist statement

Scraps of Words

Turning a pencil mark into a voice, a piece of paper into flesh, and the joint between two fragments into a burning scar. Within the act of drawing lies the opportunity to capture the immediate, but also the act of breaking down, picking apart, and the transformation of what once was into something new. In the drawings, we encounter the stories about the girl who does not want to grow up, or the boy who bears the burden of enforced traditions. We also encounter the mother who, for lack of gold medals, turns towards a travelling existence. On her journey, she transitions her self between the ordinary of the everyday and the artistic tableaux of the past. My works on paper focus on the narrative and the psychological portrait.  Scraps of words and visual notes taken from the most mundane situations escort the viewer through different mental states, like props from a life or a hidden memory. The stories take place among the layers below the surface without a beginning or an end. Sometimes they breathe almost soundlessly, through the paper – a material where nothing lasts forever, but nothing passes unnoticed either. The dialogue with history and its engagement with previous generations recurs in the series Åter till avsändaren (Return to Sender) (2011), consisting of visual correspondences in form of drawing collages on brown standard envelopes. Here, we also find subtle influences to other artists in the history of feminism, like Lee Lozano and Maret Oppenheim. Through my own self-reflections and encounters with Kate Millett the author of Sexual Politics I realised the personal is still political.

Full of secrets, longings and personal confessions, the envelope is gently licked to be sealed.